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Doves Press Font Revived by Robert Green


Ex-disciple of William Morris, T.J. Cobden Sanderson, along with engraver Emery Walker, established the Doves Press in London at the turn of the 20th century. Commissioned in 1899 by Cobden-Sanderson and Walker, punchcutter Edward Prince’s single-sized 16 pt type, used in all of the press’s publications, was a key element of the Press’s influence on modern book design.

In 1913, Cobden-Sanderson began to systematically destroy the entire type to prevent Walker, who was suing to liquidate the Press after their partnership collapsed, from repossessing and selling it. By 1916, Cobden-Sanderson, having spent countless evenings clandestinely ‘dedicating the type’ to the River Thames, had thrown more than 2,600lb of metal bundled into 12 lb paper parcels over Hammersmith Bridge. Read more about the fascinating history behind this notorious typeface on our blog.

Doves Type® Font GlyphsAfter three years research & drawing from original source material, Robert Green’s digitised facsimile of the lost metal Doves Press Fount of Type, The Doves Type®, is now available to purchase. The updated Doves Type® Regular, released in January 2015, comes after the discovery in the Thames of a portion of the original metal type and replaces the initial Imprint weight.

The Doves Type® Regular single font comes in OpenType OTF format for Mac & PC desktop use, suitable for print and all high resolution applications. It is also available in web font formats for self hosted websites (up to 10K monthly pageviews on average).

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